Deepika Sakhat

The chaos of big city living had a huge impact on my desire to travel and explore. I found inspiration in nature, and moving away from the city has allowed me to experience life in a very different way. The open-air surroundings here help me to express myself more freely, and this environment has helped me to open up and get ahead of a constricted past. I attempt to reflect this calmer state of mind in my work.

My inspiration comes from nature and the creatures that surround us. I'm fascinated by their behaviors and the way they escape human presence. Their spontaneity is so dynamic that it's impossible to capture.

This body of work explores how birds embody mother nature and how their actions, expressions, and movement can teach us about their inner thoughts and emotions. I was particularly struck by their agility and vocalizations, which led me to explore how these qualities could be combined with human experiences to create new expressions of emotion.

Different painting and printmaking techniques become a response to the behaviors of creatures. I work on a warm and earthly colour palette. I mix different colours and use them in layers to acquire a unique touch of nature. In printmaking, I work mostly in relief and etching.