Chhering Negi

It has always been my attempt to present a testament to the so-called ordinary lives of people who set an extraordinary example of survival. I use woodcuts, etching and lithography to capture the struggles that one endures and how seemingly simple stories can portray a deeper underlying significance. My series of portraits is inspired by varied people I have encountered in Delhi and Himachal Pradesh. Their faces reflect a certain dignity and a maturity that only comes with experience. Their zest of life is encapsulated with the elements surrounding their portraits. It is the mundane which fascinates me and I infuse it with fantasy of an imagined realm, with an ethereal quality, through my works. Nature is my muse. It celebrates love where love birds chirp, where rivers flow to their faraway destinations, and above them stands the proud high mountains with endless blue skies. I imagine that these landscapes lead one to an unknown land where celestial creatures loiter around. These landscapes are ever-changing and are a defining part of nature just like human relationships. My approach is to probe the mysteries around me and capture the essence of existence.