Avijit Dutta

My paintings mainly showcase the use of opaque colors, pens, charcoal and soil — a manifestation of my subconscious mind, and its social and emotional complexity. I also often utilise a layer of soil or mud in each of my artworks, which appears like a wall, or land. This, I think, is the earth beneath our feet, accompanying us in varied avatars from the beginning to the end. Ultimately, my art practice is a reflection of my surroundings, home, society, and the sensitivity of time. It expresses my likes and dislikes, pains, being, relationships and their complexity, actions and reactions in the form of objects, which become social metaphors. I believe we have an emotional connection with our daily necessities, which may hold our conscience within. With time, these objects also make revelations about our existence! In fact, I often try to emphasize the space around the object used in my art as well, as I feel it is connected to its surroundings. My work is, in essence, a way to sharpen the social reality of any ‘thing’.