Anupama Dey

The exploration of art is an enriching, ongoing journey that has taken me to some beautiful and unforgettable places. Growing up in West Bengal, I had the privilege of being encouraged to explore drawing, painting, dance and music at a young age - these experiences set the foundation for my own creative work. Over the past twelve years, I've been devoted to Visual Arts practice with an emphasis on Printmaking; I'm currently researching this topic for my PhD at IKSV Khairagarh University. Throughout my art journey I've encountered multiple forms of instruction from independent artists as well as formal organizations. One particular place stands out in memory: Shantiniketan. It was there that I started developing a newfound appreciation for the common house lizard. Captivated by its movements and body language, I delved into printmaking and drawing projects centered around understanding the subtle bond between humans and lizards rather than just their contrasting nature. Experimenting with etching lithography, woodcutting serigraphy and other techniques revealed layers of meaning behind everyday objects like masks - essential components necessary during this pandemic but also historically significant parts of our lives- forming integrals parts of my conceptual artworks.