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Throughout my master's programme, I frequently travelled from Baroda to Surat. While travelling, I would take pictures of the scenery outside the windows and play with colourand composition. This piece is the result of that process and depicts the flaming aspect of trees or the light effects we observed during sunsets.

Size: Landscape 21.5 “ x 19.3”

Meet the Artist

Kruti Mehta
My primary area of practice for the past two years has been landscape. I've started playing with colourand form in landscape images. I use my visual diary, creativity, and experience to create drawings and prints. I combine two elements, one of which is a fuzzy image and my present mental condition, and I frequently play around with different kinds of light.
As I am shifted from Surat to Baroda, leaving my home, my routine, I had faced problem with composition and imageries and so I had continued my practice in Landscape and stared with some photography of landscape taken by me in my recent trips to dang and pavagadh. I was doing naturalistic work but slowly I realized that I am not really satisfied with that images and composition as that doesn’t really shows what I am feeling with that, that is just representation what others see too, not what I feel or I see, As there is not any strong relation of that with me , I really want to go beyond naturalistic and more towards expressive feeling with landscape, I am struggling now with more image making, I don’t know whether I want to add elements or remove it. Sometimes I want minimalistic images with just colors and shapes that derives feeling.
Viscosity medium of printmaking helped me a lot in achieving such effect which took my work on another level. It gave me opportunity for exploring colors in my work and different effects with its relation to colors

Artwork Specs

Size Landscape 21.5 “ x 19.3”
Medium Viscosity
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap