10 Emerging Indian Artists on Abirspace 2023

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Abirspace, the online platform for art enthusiasts and collectors, is buzzing with fresh talent from the vibrant art scene of India in 2023. Here are 10 emerging Indian artists whose works are making waves on Abirspace:  

  1. Dhan Prasad 

Dhan Prasad (15th January 1975, Hyderabad – India). My journey of painting started by learning it from my schooling under the guidance of my Guru Sri. T. Vaikuntum. Completed Senior Art Certificate Examination in the year 1987 Conducted by the Government of Bhopal. Drawing Lower Grade Examination in the year 1988 by Govt of AP Higher Grade Examination in the year 1992 conducted by Govt of AP. Joined JNTU College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad in the year 1994 to pursue my higher education in Fine Arts BFA.


Courtesy: Craft Tatva

  1. Swati Kale

Swati Kale, the Nature artist, is an ardent lover of flowers which she thinks are pure and innocent. According to her, flowers are a symbol of energy and the garden is a place of sentiments. Her garden of Flowers is her garden of memories, thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as flowers and the dreams come true on her canvas.

Water Lilies by Swati Kale | Courtesy: aartique


  1. Anupam Pal

Anupam Pal is from Jamshedpur and has dedicated himself to the creation of Indian-style paintings with exclusive styles and ultimate forms. He is a rising artist with an absolute zeal for redefining the culture of artisanship. Since the time Anupam took up the art, he has been creating a myriad of exquisite paintings. The reflection of his visionary shades and the brush strokes can be seen in his DIAM ART painting and spiritual art Paintings. The artist’s dynamic thought process is reflected through his abstract ‘Radha Krishna’ painting. ‘Conservation’ is another ultimate contemporary piece, which visualizes and explains conservative thoughts of the society related to women. Anupam uses a vibrant colour palette on the canvas to reflect the mixed moods of his subjects.


The Mesmerising Melody by Anupam Pal | Courtesy: Gallerist


  1. Monica Ghule

Monica Ghule (b. 1989) is an artist from Mumbai, India. She received her MFA from Nagpur University in 2013 (first in class), and since 2008 has exhibited her work in 10 group exhibitions to date across India, including the esteemed Jehangir Art Gallery of Mumbai. She received several art awards during her academic years.

Secrets Whispered by Monica Ghule | Courtesy: thecurators.art


  1. P J Stalin

Stalin's work is dependent on design fundamentals, form, colour and composition. He believes that the simplest forms evoke complex emotions. He spontaneously begins an art piece and it becomes more detailed as the end product starts to show itself. The process involves layering. There are no preliminary sketches of what is going to develop. He nurtures different forms and shapes in the middle of the process. His colour theory seems to be the most immediate aspect of his work to the viewers very instinctive.


II by PJ Stalin | Courtesy: Indiearts


  1. Nageswara Rao

Artist Statement Inspirations… I know as an artist that when I see another artist’s work, I generally want to know “What’s the story behind the painting? What inspired them?” The word inspiration sparks other ideas and thoughts. Its etymology (paraphrasing here) is ‘in breath’ or ‘to inhale.’ I love this because when I connect with my inspirations I am not only viewing them, I am in fact inhaling their essences on many many levels. Seeing is only one. Next time you are inspired to do something, consider that you are taking a Divine “in breath” of something that moves your heart, soul, or body. I am inspired by nature, colour, sound, and light. I am inspired by angels, fairies, other elements, and star people. As I grew up with the doors to other dimensions constantly opening, closing, and opening again…and now remaining open, it has altered everything in my world. This way of perceiving has flowed into every aspect of my life including creative ventures and healing sessions I offer. I call it “under the influence” …… of the Divine I might add. And when we are under the influence of the Divine we are truly home and every cell in our body is aware of it and is every dimension of our being.


The Journey by Nageswara Rao| mojarto


  1. Anukta Mukherjee Ghosh

Anukta’s magical strokes breathe a symphony of the world around her, as she goes about celebrating life through her colours.

 The horizon of her works is beyond the boundaries of categorization. Just as many India(s) breathe within one India, having had a multi-city upbringing and career, Anukta gives an ode to that diversity through her works. Ever inspired by the spaces she inhabits, the places she visits and the people she meets, her works are mostly personal insights and associations from the ordinary to the obvious. Colors, forms and lines play a special interest in her works done mostly in a contemporary realistic style.

 Rising above from her corporate avatar of over a decade, Anukta bid adieu to her successful career and embarked on a new adventure to complete a two-year online Diploma course in drawing and painting with a certificate of distinction from the London School of Art, while also honing her skills through guidance from professional artists.

For Anukta painting is not merely about the end result. in a world that is standing on the brink of chaos, Anukta believes in the redemptive power of art. Her strokes cast a magical spell of positivity and cheerfulness on the audience, reaching not only the heart but the very soul of those who take respite in art.

Anukta’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group shows across India and abroad. Her paintings and commissioned projects adorn homes and corporate houses across India and worldwide in the US, UK, New Zealand and Dubai. Among her noted commissioned works are the ones for ITC Ltd., and Speciality Restaurants Ltd. ( London).

At present her works can be viewed online through a renowned online Gallery in Paris or via her own website. Her works are also selected as a repository for viewing through Google Book and she owns the copyright of the images.

Wheels of Hope by Anukta Mukherjee Ghosh | Courtesy: Saatchi art

  1. Sujit Karmakar

Sujit Karmakar is a well-known painter who lived in Kolkata. He was born in the city of Kolkata. He obtained a degree in Visual Art from the College of Visual Art (KHAYRAGARH UNIVERSITY) Kolkata (2001-2005). He has done numerous groups and solo shows in many places in India. He is a Passionate Painter. His Canvas Depict Pop Art. Various layers of colour are the characteristics of his painting. His subjects are mainly Child, Band series, City Life etc. His paintings are very well-finished and beautifully composed.


Sadhu by Sujit Karmakar | Courtesy: the format

  1. Shiv Kumar Soni

Shiv Kumar's work primarily focuses on reminiscing his childhood times. He elaborately expresses the simple joys of those days that lie in moments with any kind of engagement. He marvels at the innocence that is deeply rooted in those formative days.


Passion Of Childhood Shiv Kumar Soni | Courtesy: artfiner


  1. Priyendra Shukla

As the moment flashes by, leaving its colour on my being, I try to hold on to it. For these colours fade away with time, pushed back into oblivion by fresh colours of new moments. Such are the workings of the ever-changing panorama that is life. I long to internalize the moment and bring it to the realm of the tangible, where I can go back and live it again. But need I tell you, that to do so, is impossible? So, the closest I can get to express what my words cannot express and to define what my thoughts cannot define is to try and create a visual replica of my perception, on the rectangular arena of a canvas. On this taut, grainy playground, my subconscious meets the viscous movement of paint, talks to it intimately, and together they bring out and concertize the colours of my being. I hope my brushes and colours can talk to you and testify to what I mean.

Cow and Calf by Priyendra Shukla| Courtesy: singulart



These 10 emerging Indian artists on Abirspace in 2023 offer a diverse range of artistic styles and inspirations. Their works provide a glimpse into the ever-evolving landscape of Indian contemporary art. Art enthusiasts and collectors should keep an eye on these talents as they continue to make their mark on the global art scene.

From the vibrant and colourful abstractions of Anupam Pal to the nostalgia-evoking pieces by Shiv Kumar Soni, each artist brings a unique perspective and passion

to their craft. Anukta Mukherjee Ghosh's celebration of life through colours and Priyendra Shukla's quest to capture fleeting moments in tangible form showcase the depth and diversity of contemporary Indian art.

Whether you're drawn to the energy of Swati Kale's flower-filled gardens or the deep emotional resonance in P. J. Stalin's work, these artists invite you to explore their worlds through their art. With inspirations ranging from nature and light to angels and fairies, their creations are a testament to the power of creativity and expression.

As you explore into the works of these emerging Indian artists on Abirspace in 2023, you'll discover a rich tradition of artistic vision, skill, and storytelling. Each stroke of their brushes and colours holds a piece of their souls, waiting to connect with yours, making the art-viewing experience a journey of emotion, inspiration, and discovery.

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