Valuables 1

By Ankita Daulatabadkar

Appreciating the valuable experiences of life.


SIZE : 23.6x35.4 Inch

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Meet the Artist:

As we go about our lives, we interact with innumerable entities in our surroundings. Their observation is often termed as ‘appreciation’ — and this appreciation turns into a language. Whatever I see and experience governs the subject of my art. Travelling, changes, shift of space and use of materials, all create memories within my mind and embed themselves in my work. Each incident creates a form that leaves an impression on us. Such objects, materials and people stay for long and become valuable to us. For me, this is expressed via artwork. My series, ‘Valuables’, is one such manifestation of human behaviour, society and nature. The year I came in contact with the objects I have depicted is also embossed in the art. It is the experience of objects making their place in one’s life that also makes it all more valuable.

More Information
Artwork caredo not wash
Packaging detailsbox packing, bubble wrap
MediumCollography & Lithography