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My paintings always depict the simple yet complex nature of rural life, through small things and context I try to show the hidden things of life and human sensibilities

Size: 14.6’’ X 10.8’’ (diptych)

Meet the Artist

Kumar Ranjan

Currently I am engaged with studio practicing in Faridabad & Vadodara, Apart from my subject knowledge as an artist, I have been experimenting with various media including Painting, Installations, Site Specific and Interactive Sculpture. Currently I have been focusing on the condition of human life in the social, emotional and political scenario. But my interest is to paint changing urban life & different scenarios.


My Current series of works are about the few frames of life & space and engaging people anywhere from this earth. Life, creatures, objects are all part of the same journey. There is also an inter-relationship between them. The place is always a collection of time and countless stories. Depiction of a visual drama is part of my import processing in space and understanding of interrelationships. Many times, I feel interested about such a person-to-person interaction or person-to-object /issues interaction. The drama of rural surroundings and nature is also an attractive ascendant, which is strongly visible in my art process. The hidden cause inside local surrounds and events is also very interesting; On the basis of which visual composition can be created. It seems like many things, the whole world is a group of stories. Stories will happen if there is life. Where there is an infinite sea of dialogues. Civilization is alive and has a method of travel. Out of all these subjects, I depict the subject for my art process. Many times a group of memories is hidden somewhere in the internal layer of the brain, it becomes a part of the art process.

Artwork Specs

Size 14.6’’ X 10.8’’ (diptych)
Medium Acrylic& gouache on acid free paper
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap