untitled 2

untitled 2

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  • Give your kids' bedroom a fresh new look they will adore.

Size: 8”x 9”

Meet the Artist

Krupali Maraviya

My work is inspired by the social dynamics and working-class families I observe in Surat and Baroda, particularly their daily efforts to earn a living and their reactions to sociopolitical discussions. My journey in art began with homeland landscape paintings during a tragedy-stricken monsoon season.

I often depict landscapes featuring symbolic objects that resonate with viewers, focusing on subdued colors that reflect the simplicity of ordinary lives and their livelihoods. These landscapes with symbolic elements are central to my artistic concerns.

In creating my art, I employ washing techniques and etch images by scratching, cutting, and selectively removing color to reveal intricate details. I find watercolors to be an excellent medium for this, as they're not only accessible but also embody the socio-economic fabric and intrinsic qualities of the subjects I portray.

Artwork Specs

Size 8”x 9”
Medium watercolour wash and pigments on paper
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap