The Blue Portrait

The Blue Portrait

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My painting form is based on human anatomy and the symbolism that can be carved out of it. The spinal cord is essential for transmitting signals and movement. Damage to it can be debilitating. So it is considered the most important organ.

The painting's symbolism reflects my thoughts on strength, power, and unity. I explore these ideas through the painting's figure, which is both figurative and semi-abstract.


Size: 48x60 Inch

Meet the Artist

Meenu Rani
My work is concerned with socioeconomic, cultural, and behavioral aspects of society, particularly with women and children. I draw on my experience, education, and knowledge to create art that evolves with daily life, resulting in new and improved impressions over time. I believe that my art emerges from this muck, highlighting India's fundamental problems and challenging contemporary development. The connection between the two is real, and it is my quest to identify myself and my opinions in the art. Art is a personal subject that presents an open view of the emotions and thoughts that accompany daily struggles. Colors and lines, for example, can be used in art to depict hope, resistance, and other concepts that may be hidden. As a woman, I can relate to and understand other women. This becomes an intimate subject with which I work repeatedly to ensure that unheard stories, messed-up situations, and suppressed emotions are seen.

Artwork Specs

Size 48x60 Inch
Medium Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap