Sun- The Creator and Energizer

Sun- The Creator and Energizer

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Sun — The Creator and Energizer
In this painting, | have depicted the Sun as the main protagonist in the circle of life.. in whom life begins... creation starts, and then blooms and manifests on Earth in various forms. It is placed at the centre of the artwork, symbolizing that the Sun is in the centre of the Universe, the Creator and Energizer.

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Size: 24x24 Inch

Meet the Artist

Srinidhi Dabriwal

I am a self-taught, mixed media nature artist from Hyderabad, India. I like to create artwork that will excite and inspire people to re-connect with nature. I use a varied range of colours and motifs inspired from nature to create a lively, pulsating and energetic visual. My highly detailed artwork has lots of layers and textures to create the desired effect. Watercolours, acrylics, pens, inks, pigments – my busy, elaborate canvases have it all. Almost illustrative in style, they bring life to any room.

Artwork Specs

Size 24x24 Inch
Medium Mixed Media
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap