Shapeliness around mainland

Shapeliness around mainland

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"કાળ જેને કરમાવી ના શકે, સાતત્ય જેને હેવાયું ના કરે" - Prof. Jyoti Vaidya

“Shapeliness around the mainland” is about relationships and their sensitivity to nature. Relationships and sensitivity are the nature of the mainland, Which remains the same with its beauty, pleasure, and repetition. The pattern here is synapses that symbolize the beauty and delicate nature of the mainland. The purity and strength are not affected by any force

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Size: 37 x 118 Inches

Meet the Artist

Lajja Mehta
In her printmaking artworks, the artist explores thematic concepts connected with the penal body parts of the phallus and vagina as a metaphor for deep feelings, experiences and observations which have marked her life. She works with different techniques such as woodcut, viscosity, linocut, etching, and mezzotint, often beginning with the shape of the wood being the first source of inspiration for the composition. Her artworks are also adorned with patterns and designs to bring rhythm to the works as well as symbolize deeper elements. The symbolic behavior of these body parts is especially apparent in their presence in Hinduism as a representation of the divine process of creation and regeneration.

Artwork Specs

Size 37 x 118 Inches
Medium Woodcut and Chinecolle
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap