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Absorbing new elements into art to connect with energy

Size: 46x42 Inch

Meet the Artist

Shatrudhan K Gupta

I express through colours, forms, textures and space division is what i enjoy and which are visible in my works in diverse materials and forms that i continuously research. I always try to explore with materials and forms. In my previous works i was creating human figures, which come from our diverse societies, atmospheres and circumstances as well my personal experiences. I can say i try to discover myself in my works and create communication with others or try to convey my expressions. I deeply believe that our creations are the best medium to connect with invisible energy like we connect during the meditation. As an artist i never set limitations for the creative process which allows me to welcome and absorb new elements and enrich the content. My work arised through this process and diverse Indian culture and societal balance/imbalance worked as catalyst to come up with new canvas every time, so the diverse color pallet in my works came up as representational to these absorptions. life is gathered from small things, that’s how in some of my works seems, i like to create many different sizes canvas & paper and then add together to make composition of works that represents connectedness, solidarity of togetherness like home; where we add bricks together to make home.

Artwork Specs

Size 46x42 Inch
Medium Acrylic On Canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap