Self Build V

Self Build V

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The science of contemporary art

Size: 9x12 Inch

Meet the Artist

Digbijayee Khatua

Working with common themes like time, isolation, and transition, I am interested in the fragility of relationships and the awkwardness of humans trying to coexist and relate to one another. To that end, I create miniatures with detailing to serve as evolving still-life renditions, from which I paint detailed narratives. For my most recent series, I built a diorama of a fictional rural landscape and gradually developed it into farmlands — and ultimately, a town. Beginning with a square of Styrofoam, I carved in mountains, valleys, rivers and ponds, and propagated a verdant landscape of wire and foam trees.

Artwork Specs

Size 9x12 Inch
Medium Water Color On Organic Paper
By Artwork Type Painting
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap