Nine Images of a Night

Nine Images of a Night

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I've been exploring relationships between spaces in my recent work. Roaming the streets of Mumbai, I sense multiple layers of time and its consequences complexly woven into each other. This place has changed a lot since my earliest memories, and I find that the city experience feels different with each change, especially at night. My observations have been analytical, and I've mostly tried to deal with dualities like present and past, old and new, interior and exterior, real and unreal, etc.



Size: 20x28 Inch

Meet the Artist

Hemant Gavankar

I'm a visual artist based in Mumbai. I've been exploring the relationships between spaces and the human mind. My work has transitioned to become more personal during the pandemic. I've realized that time is a space in one's mind. This has helped me to look at my work in a different manner and undertake new experiments.

I moved away from single images to ensembles of multiple images. I consider an image as a fragment of time, so when I juxtapose images, I'm actually playing with multiple spaces and times.

Some forms and imagery from older series like 'Mayasabhā', 'Vertical Forest' and 'The Gap of Change' still reoccur in my current works. Recently I have also been exploring digital media. In upcoming years, I look forward to identifying and associating with art spaces and galleries which are interested in and support the kind of thematic I deal with in my practice.

Artwork Specs

Size 20x28 Inch
Medium Mix Media on Paper
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap