Narration of Leaves

Narration of Leaves

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Size: Overall 24x20 inches (suite of 4,each 12"x10")

Meet the Artist

Gayatri Halder
I create art inspired by the complexity of nature, specifically focusing on intricate patterns and repeated motifs found in plants. I aim to capture the essence of nature that is often overlooked in today's technological and globalized society. My recent works address environmental issues such as climate change and UV radiation's impact on flora. I use a needle technique, which originated from pointillism, to create delicate floral designs. The absence of color in my work represents nature's purity and simplicity. The paper I use symbolizes the ambiguity of nature, encompassing both strength and frailty. Furthermore, the organic materiality of the paper adds depth to my artwork.

Artwork Specs

Size Overall 24x20 inches (suite of 4,each 12"x10")
Medium Needle prick drawing on paper
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap