It's about bread to apple

It's about bread to apple

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Size: 64x29 Inch

Meet the Artist

Manish Modi
I am always inspired by the historical image of news related images or digital media. We
are always struck by the visual image. There are so many chaos around us. Which has
an impact on society. I say searching for so many images. When all these images come
together, they convey a message. Often when all these matches, it becomes a different
message for different viewers. Sometimes a painting is done with a single idea and
sometimes it is also done with a very different idea which makes it look different for each
viewer. So far I have been working on fraudulent leases but for the last one or two years I
have been working on the surface. When the image work is done on the surface and it has
a very organic feeling. Recent work combines all of these with surface texture images.
The basic rule of painting behind all these processes is keeping in mind the aesthetic
value. Ultimately painting needs to be enjoyed.

Artwork Specs

Size 64x29 Inch
Medium Mix Media on Canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap