Infancy memories

Infancy memories

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My artwork reflects my childhood
memories. It is one of those serene
moments with my childhood friends
which I had depicted through the
garden of flowers in this picture. Amid
the humdrum and chaos of an adult life
,I remember the beauty and peace of
my childhood which induces in me the
sweetness in hard times and makes me

  • Shape your dream space with this authentic artwork.

Size: 21”×16” inches

Meet the Artist

Spriha Maurya

My artistic works are records of my experiences and visual representations of the emotions that accompany them. Drawing has been important in my practice, but to challenge myself I expanded into other mediums, including lithography, etching, PLATOGRAPH, serigraphy and woodcut. Printmaking is especially interesting because it enables me to communicate abstract thoughts that words cannot express.

My artwork captures changes in thought that happen over time. It reflects the emotional spectrum we all go through in life, including sadness, disappointment, joy, betrayal and loneliness. I strive to make my work reflective of the circumstances surrounding me using my own perspective. As I develop as a student and artist, the journey appears in my art. Ultimately, I hope it allows viewers to recognize their own reflections within it.

Artwork Specs

Size 21”×16” inches
Medium woodcut
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap