Enclosure and Openings

Enclosure and Openings

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  • Authentic paintings for your beautiful space.


My use of yellow and gray represents the both the dull and bright sides of human emotion. This work is influenced by the compact and very small apartments which are becoming more and more common. What interests me most is how the people who live in these spaces change according to the space they're in.

I felt my life was very compact because I was staying in a small apartment. My feelings changed according to the size of space. I wanted my works to have a photographic stillness.


Size: 5x8 Inch (Each Art Work)

Meet the Artist

Attri Chetan
Attri’s practice has been shaped by his inspirations from individuals of various fields. The
sensibility of the works by Haren Das inflicted his interests for printmaking. Attri’s
compositions have a photographic stillness wherein light and shade play an integral role. He
prioritizes the process rather than starting with fixed imagery. Portraying cycles was also
part of this organic process. The cycle was his immediate reality for his everyday
movements in the former years of his education at Balasore and continued to be in the later
years at Shantiniketan. His interest work took a shift towards architecture when he visited
Jawahar Kala Kendra that has been designed by Charles Correa.

Artwork Specs

Size 5x8 Inch (Each Art Work)
Medium Woodcut on Paper
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap