David Composing Psalms

David Composing Psalms

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The artwork is the representation of the event when David composed the book of Psalms on a harp. The technique used is Oil Painting. The style of the artwork being Surrealism gives the exact representation to some of the prominent historical facts about the event. The use of various painting knives creates some paint texture at some points on the canvas. The book of Psalms which is mostly considered a lyrical collection of religious poems. It was believed to be priorly known as Tehillum. The book has been composed by three most significant biblical figures as Moses, David and Solomon and the remaining parts by others. The book revers the importance of worship in times. The top side of the artwork has a clear representation of a bird singing into the ear of the David. There are abstract representations for the types of Psalms on the right and left side of the artwork. As Psalms of lament where the composer cries out in difficult times in the left side. As we observe the artwork there is a representation of Pilgrim Psalms and Thanksgiving Psalms too on both sides. There are a lot of intricate details in the lower part of the artwork below the Harp which make it a masterpiece. There are various representations of angels singing hymns to the God adjacent to the hand playing the harp.

Size: 45 x 24 Inches

Meet the Artist

Kunwar Aamir Hameed Wani

 I am a self taught artist from Kashmir. I started my art journey at a very early age. I began my art work with water colour moving onto other mediums like acrylic, oil, inks and tempera. Sometime I also use my own handmade colour from available pigments. Usually I love to work with subjects with historical significance, nature and portraits of the society. Its my ideology that is depicted in action on canvas and paper in my artworks. My artworks are sometimes contemplation of my dreams which through my Art form and style take shape and finally emerge as a reality. I am mostly focused on contemporary and abstract forms. I decided to dictate my take on the subjects which are filled with fervour and volatility. The subjects which were rarely even thought about by the other artists working in the valley have been brought to light first time by me. I most recently commissioned a collection based the Soviet Revolution. What inspired me into such a subject was the extent of energy that’s present in the Art of the Soviet Revolution which is unmatched as compared to all other revolutions of those times. The way the artists have contributed to upbringing of the infant state is immaculate. The restraints in the way of the revolution to succeed, defence from foreign invasions, devastated social life, illiteracy and hunger.


Besides the Red Revolution a collection dedicated to the Soviet Revolution I am also working on a collection about Jerusalem. Taken by the tenacity of the byzantine period and the geography of Jerusalem is what made me start this never ending subject.

Artwork Specs

Size 45 x 24 Inches
Medium Oil on Canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap