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My series of paintings titled 'OPUS' is an abstract representation of cityscapes.
A composition of colors and forms where each one has an identity of their own but
yet blends into the other, connects to the other, and stands with the other as one.
Inspired by my experiences and travels around the world, views from the sky and
land, the individual elements of the cities come to life together as a form. I convey
this through a vista of structures, with bold knife strokes and vibrant colors on canvas,
each on its own connected to the larger community.
As I seek to find my identity and strive to make a mark amidst my surroundings, I lose
myself and blend into the colors around me, merging with them as one.
This abstract series of oil paints, aims to be a personal process inviting the viewers to
experience & interpret the same, relative to their own journey.

  • Make your home an art.

Size: 48 x 36 inches

Meet the Artist

Karishma Wadhwa

Karishma Wadhwa is a professional artist from Mumbai. She was born and raised in Chennai, and her work has evolved from figurative to abstract. Karishma has used various mediums like acrylic, watercolor, and oil painting. Colors play an important role in her paintings, as each color has its own distinct meaning and purpose.

Her "Opus" paintings are an abstract representation of cityscapes. The name "Opus" refers to large-scale compositions. The paintings are inspired by the artist's travels across the world, with each work meant to capture the unique character of the city it depicts.


Artwork Specs

Size 48 x 36 inches
Medium Oil on linen canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap