Brain with Time

Brain with Time

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This artwork indicates how our action works under time. And how our thought processes and times interlink with each other. Here I formulate some identical and inorganic forms, to connect my inner visual language. This artwork is an outcome of a woodcut print.

Size: 18x12 Inch

Meet the Artist

Smruti Ranjan Sutar
The concept of development is perennial in the life cycle of any creation, organic or inorganic. From birth to its terminal point different varieties of processes occur in an object. Machines our day-to-day friends have also developed from their prototypes to till date. In my work, I represent different developments of machines and delineated them within machine aesthetics. Different parts of a machine have unity though they have different forms. This coherence occurs in my daily life as I face different situations to maintain myself accordingly as a whole unit without disturbing any life cycle.

Artwork Specs

Size 18x12 Inch
Medium Woodcut
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap