Black Na-Pu

Black Na-Pu

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Dedicated to Mangalmukhi Dhananjay Chauhan, who fought for rights and expressed trauma. Believing that education would save him, I created the sculpture ""Black Na-Pyu"" to depict his struggle between femininity and masculinity.

Size: 24x18x11 Inches

Meet the Artist

Chitranjan Moharana
Art influences my thinking process and addresses various issues, provides visual pleasure and captures beauty. Without any limitations, I love to express my views creatively using appropriate mediums. I try to discover the hidden forms and express them. Art reflects social issues and sends powerful messages about the present and future. By studying deforestation, climate change, and human rights, I hope to raise awareness and make an important impact.

Artwork Specs

Size 24x18x11 Inches
Medium Stone and Metal
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap