Searching For New Connotations

Curated by Deviba Wala

About The Curator

searching for new connotations

The paintings in this exhibition showcase a
conspicuous multiplicity of connotations explored through visual arts,
overtones and the undertones in dots, lines, brushstrokes and lucid abstraction
colour washes.

The working styles are deliberate, well thought out and prearranged almost to a point of celebration yet leave enough
for the viewer to fill in with their own interpretation. The intensity of the formations and shapes that are simple yet hold complex meanings.

The artists embrace their unique styles depicting the inner thoughts and working of their world as well as bringing to life on canvas their perception of the world outside with keen observation discarding all ideological views and revealing their pure attachment and engagement with the medium. Each one has a story to tell.

The journey of creating is as satisfying as the finished product.

This title is one I have revisited as time passes through my own work and continue to do so with this collection of other
artists work that I resonate with personally. I am convinced that these artworks hold meaning that the viewers will connect with, enjoy and articulate on. We offer you a quick screenshot of contemporary  art as it exists in the current moment. An urban-verse. An ode to Art.  

- Deviba Wala