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by Ruby Jagrut

About The Curator

Anniversary Edit

Welcome to Abir Space anniversary special collection. As we complete 2 years of our online art gallery, I have personally curated a special edition which features some startling works by promising artists. As you will notice, this brings much authenticity, diversity and brilliance in terms of their journeys and stories, colours and treatment, medium and material, substance and style.

I hope you will enjoy experiencing the work as much as I did in putting it together.

Anniversary Edit

“When I founded "The Unknowns - Art Group" in 2015, I was merely a final year student in the BFA programme. As a young artist, I always had a dream to make a difference in the art world and
with the initiative of the Unknowns group, I believe I have taken a very first step towards making that change.

Curator Note

India is an abundant source for Art and Culture. Yet our society is not familiar with the concept of viewing and appreciating art, as much as the western world. With Unknowns group, my motive
was to bridge that gap between the artist and the society through organising art exhibitions in all parts of the country, for making the art and the artist more approachable for people living in the remote regions, thus creating
awareness about professional art practices among common people and providing a widely visible platform for young artists. So far, the effort of the Unknowns group has been consistent and successful as the group has organised exhibitions in seven different states of India,namely - Odisha, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir , Rajasthan , Assam and Gujarat in the span of seven years. Over the time, the group has expanded and has involved more versatile young
artists coming from various parts of India.


I am delighted to curate ‘Connecting Dots’ initiated by Abir Space, which has a similar approach and ideology. The online exhibition will present the artworks by 31 young artists, who were part of “The Unknowns 7” - multidisciplinary group exhibition held at Ahmedabad recently. This will be the very first online gallery space to showcase artworks by young and aspiring artists from different parts of the country working in diverse mediums at one platform. It's indeed a great opportunity for the young
generation of artists as well as a visual treat for the art lovers!”