Ruju Parikh

Ruju Parikh awarded by Lalit Kala Academy for her sculpture, is a sculptor from Seth C.N School of fine Arts and an artist renowned for her abstract paintings. She delivered a various creative and interesting series of paintings, which has displayed at many well known galleries. Recently Ruju has displayed her alabhyam series of lord Ganesha's abstract paintings at Nehru Art center London and L&P Hutheesing Visual art center Ahemdabad. Ruju presents some of here recent abstract creations in "BONDAGE IN FREEDOM". She has captured many moods of Lord Ganesha- her favorite-expressing the Creator's freedom colorfully and imaginatively. The other set of Ruju's paintings depict peace and tranquility her subjects enjoy in the safe, secure and soothing lap of mother nature for the viewer to share that very experience. The Divine enjoys the freedom of expression while the permanence of Nature provides the bondage; bliss for the artist and joy the beholder respectively.