Hard to win

Hard to win

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The central structure in this work is a visual imitation of coral, glazed with a metallic glaze. Small fishes are attached to the surface and underglaze with clear glaze. The different treatments of the coral and fish indicate different narratives. The use of light inside the ceramic work accentuates the intention of fertility and prosperity.

Size: 11x12x12 Inch

Meet the Artist

Motan Sankalpana Uday
Artist Motan Sankalpana Uday's ceramic sculptures reflect paramount dynamism and the sheer brilliance of the ocean's calmness. Her compositions deal with the mystery of nature's most beautiful things. The flow in her works is enigmatic and draws a viewer to revel in the mystic formations that take place in the deep waters while it also indulges with the consistent regeneration and the preservation captured by artists's observational and sensitive eye.

Artwork Specs

Size 11x12x12 Inch
Medium Stoneware, Ceramic
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap