Momentum 4

Momentum 4

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Series ‘MOMENTUM’ : The artist's approach to the canvas is action-oriented, with paintings not pre-planned but a product of reactions and actions in the moment. The process involves creating textures and applying colors layer by layer, leading to expressive and evocative results. The paintings communicate, react, and create dialogue through colors and textures, guiding the viewer throughout the artwork. This journey of visualization showcases the artist's unique and dynamic creative process.

Size: 36 X 36 X 1.5 Inches

Meet the Artist

Dr Anitha H C

Anitha’s paintings were an experiment with color. She juxtaposed layers of color until it brought her a satisfactory expression. Two colors next to each other start to react and charges the space with a certain visual impact. A conception of abstract forms through constant impulsive application of color bringing with an awareness of the interaction of two or more colors may be a reason to dawn a sense of joy in the artist. The simultaneous contrast or colors complementing with one another takes through a perception of incrusted visual stimulus. Though there are many theories of color associated with its meaning and symbolism, its analogies take a transitory tour through varied perceptions at different times and situations.

While colors like red, orange and yellow traverse through some canvases with an obsession of power and energy, the same color display warmth in others. The green brings rejuvenation and the blue induces calmness. Anitha’s paintings are examples of a pure relationship between the colors which enhance each other through their textures. Color in its conceptual notes, Anita draws inspiration from the Abstract Expressionists like Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky. She maintains her originality in creating a drama in her own way between the light and dark shades which open a dialogue with the mute tones of grey and a judicious usage of white in its ivory and beige overtones. The compositions formed through busy lines and colors maintain harmony with a welcoming freshness. Anitha lives and works in Bengaluru.

Artwork Specs

Size 36 X 36 X 1.5 Inches
Medium Acrylic on stretched canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap