Khumbu Icefall

Khumbu Icefall

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  • Transform your dream home with a captivating Modern Art Painting.

Size: 56 x 56 inches

Meet the Artist

Siddharth Patel

Siddharth Patel, a former adventurer turned artist, has transitioned to a career in art after studying commerce and working in the travel industry. Music has become a significant influence in his life as he explores abstract painting and occasionally dabbles in writing. Based in Ahmedabad, Patel has participated in group shows and had his first solo exhibition in 2023. He continues to explore contemporary art and the art market by visiting shows across different cities and gaining valuable insights along the way. Despite not having fixed plans, he always manages to learn something valuable during his trips.


Artwork Specs

Size 56 x 56 inches
Medium Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap