Kem cho?

Kem cho?

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In this captivating painting, the question "kem cho" is posed to the viewer, inviting them to immerse themselves in a moment of leisure and relaxation. The central figure is depicted unwinding, fully engaged in the act of having fun and chilling, mirroring the essence of life's simple pleasures. The intricate elements meticulously woven into the composition symbolize the profound interconnectedness of all things on our planet. Every stroke, every detail, serves as a reminder that the tapestry of existence is an intricate web, where every thread plays a vital role in shaping the world we inhabit. "Kem cho" not only prompts us to embrace joy but also to recognize the beauty of our interconnected existence.

  • Get a new look for your kids' bedroom.

Size: 60x60 inch

Meet the Artist

Rivya Bakutra
I’m a keen and sensitive observer and document the cathartic escapades as observation and experience, and create works that are reflective of and characterize contemporary society. Using the narrative potential of figurative painting. I challenge the viewers and confront them with their innermost feelings. My human figures are a subjective portrait of human psyche that reveals something about the subject, but they are open to many interpretations as they are enigmatic most of the time.
I think art should have the capability to depict everyday reality. Art can be both a positive or negative force and bring about change. However, personally, I believe that a part of artistic practice has a social responsibility towards the audience and in that sense my art thematic can enable the viewers to become aware of crucial social issues, deconstruct social boundaries and thus contribute to a positive change in society.

Artwork Specs

Size 60x60 inch
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap