Beauty Of Life

Beauty Of Life

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  • Transform your dream home with a captivating Modern Art Painting.

Size: 46×40 inches

Meet the Artist

Anish Chauhan

I am a visual artist. Where my voice is expressed through various
visual mediums. There mostly paintings with the emotional
sensibility developed by academics. In my paintings I am mostly
integrated with nature studies. It combines designing where I
paint to look alive, printmaking, mark making etc. My paintings are
mostly on life style of nature. Because where I come from and
when I talk about the subject of my works, I feel like what nature is
made of. I have a different relationship with nature which is the
creation of nature. Such as the beautiful colors of flowers,
textures, etc. are beautiful. Many paintings have been done on all
these ideas.

Artwork Specs

Size 46×40 inches
Medium Mixed Media On Paper
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap