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This two works is all about the loneliness I feel whenever I am home alone, being in a boundaries I tried to show how boundless I am.This basic regular corners and objects attracts me a lot I found them so interesting and creative rather then basic and boring .I explore my limited space in immeasurable way

  • Authentic paintings for your beautiful space.

Size: 24x30 inch

Meet the Artist

Mahima Katiwal
I either spend the majority of my time at home or at college. My attention was drawn to many objects around me, whether they were in the house or at college, despite the fact that I don't frequently roam around the city or even visit recreational areas. These nooks and crannies always seem charming, inspiring, and lovely to me; although the locals frequently overlook them as experiences, for me, learning about them from various angles helps me feel connected to them. Due to the fact that this project confines me to a specific region, it also helps me explore my own identity through my experiences with the neighbouring things. We all have designated areas in our homes or places of employment where we like to sit, lay down, unwind, play, or carry out daily tasks, but my strategy is to look for the sentiments of association and separation in the environment. These pieces may not have a strong philosophical underpinning, but they do include a small amount of me.

Artwork Specs

Size 24x30 inch
Medium Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap