A journey from land to leaf-5 (i)

A journey from land to leaf-5 (i)

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Size: 24" × 24"

Meet the Artist

Satyanarayana Gavara
The complexities of food politics, encompassing its production and consumption, have been a central focus throughout my professional journey. Hailing from a lineage of tenant farmers has provided first-hand insights into the inherent tribulations that these individuals invariably confront. They grapple with numerous adversities which stem from being at the mercy of landowners, natural calamities and state-induced economic outcomes - elements woven within my childhood narrative.

Unfortunately, there exists an all-too-clear pattern where the welfare of landless cultivators is relentlessly overlooked under landlord dominance and harsh statutory financial strategies. This persistent disregard for their plight has dictated course for my work's thematic approach - initially spotlighting rural existence before gradually shifting to challenge ongoing exploitation clauses.

My artistic selections in terms of tools, objects as well as establishing settings operate on metaphoric levels; they embody symbolic representations elucidating the abuse directed towards tenant-based and landless agricultural laborers in particular.

Artwork Specs

Size 24" × 24"
Medium Woodcut
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap