Then and Now

Then and Now

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  • Shape your dream home with this digital art painting.

Size: 30 x 45 inches

Meet the Artist

Shreela has had an extensive and successful career in interior design, but her true passion lies in painting. Art has been ingrained into her since childhood as a result of her mother studying at J.J School of Art in Mumbai. In 2015 Shreela decided to expand her artistic expression and started exploring digital art by teaching herself Adobe Photoshop and taking online classes in mixed media art. She refined her appreciation for the art of history from a six-month short course with the National Museum of Delhi.

Shreela believes that art is a visual representation born from emotion. Every time she picks up the brush she is embarking on a journey with no definite end goal in sight; each layer starts its own story until eventually merging into one as a complete piece of work. The satisfaction comes from the act itself rather than what awaits at the end, allowing Shreela to bask in exploration with each brush stroke.

Artwork Specs

Size 30 x 45 inches
Medium Digital prints
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap