Composition 1

Composition 1

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  • Shape your dream home with this Modern Art Painting.

Size: 42 x 42 inches

Meet the Artist

Abhishek Pandey
Having grown up in the sacred city of Varanasi, where countless seekers journey for salvation daily, I hold the belief that the holy Ganges carries a potent energy from cremations, which lingers in the environment. This enduring energy generates an intangible resonance, an essence that outlasts the physical presence. My recent artistic endeavours are a manifestation of these lingering vibes, expressed through lines that echo within our surroundings. When I explore, ancient architectural marvels awaken with the accumulated energies of generations, a vibrant testament to their history. Each location possesses an aura, a silent energy that fills the void. My art endeavours to capture and animate these energies, breathing life into the static forms of architecture and historical edifices. In my artistic expression, I convey the influence of mobile networks, satellites, and electromagnetic radiations upon the vacant spaces that encompass us. These technologies occupy and alter the intangible energies, thereby shaping the essence of these empty surroundings. My creative journey has encompassed diverse mediums, with my "Aura Series" exclusively realized through paintings. This series originated from modest pen drawings and evolved into expansive canvas paintings. I've ventured into experimenting with lines across mediums like clay and 3D pens, varying width, spacing, and colours. My future direction involves infusing a sculptural essence into the "Aura Series," utilizing diverse materials for experimentation. I thrive on exploring numerous mediums, with each choice guided by the concept's essence and requirements. My artistic evolution has seen me work across an array of mediums

Artwork Specs

Size 42 x 42 inches
Medium Mix media on paper
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap