E = mc2

E = mc2

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This image shows what I was trying to say. Nature has preserved its equilibrium; if this is disturbed, we will experience imbalance and tragedy. Everyone and every microbe on the planet, including bacteria, plants, animals, and people, play a role in this equilibrium. We may be able to pinpoint specific aspects of our existence, but we still need to consider the meaning of our being.

Size: 48x96 Inch

Meet the Artist

Bhanu Shrivastav

I believe that the work which I make is completely my perception that I speak through my language of  visual For this the sensation and motivation comes from within and it is formed by a specific need, when I contemplate on What is the role of art in society? Well said by Ai weiwei “Your own acts tell the world who you are and what kind of society you think it should be”. My work's subject matters deal with the same perception. Now, in terms of the subjects of my works, I primarily highlighted the role of various ignored subconscious aspects of society in our daily life that are required to be in a conscious state for the sake of collective awareness, as represented in my visuals. This quest helped me and I treat them as a stepping stone for my dialogues.

Artwork Specs

Size 48x96 Inch
Medium Woodcut (Xylograph)
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap