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  • Redefine the bedroom with this beautiful art.

"Owls are true messengers of the spiritual realm,” "They can appear as a symbol during challenging times as a guide.

Unlike any other animal symbol, they relay truth, understanding, patience, and wisdom to us when we need it most. This is especially true during or after times of upheaval and distress."

Size: 48x36 Inch

Meet the Artist

Albert Shrivastava

Symbols are the foundation. Of language and communication. Which creates the culture and tradition that binds a group of people. Being, social animal We create symbols from nature to explore our inner selves. And introspect. And find purpose of life. My paintings Examine the idea of animal symbolism In our culture and sociological consciousness And the synergy between the animal and human archetypes By creating symbols of my own I paint the similarities and the relation between the character traits of human and animals around them.


Artwork Specs

Size 48x36 Inch
Medium Mix Media
Artwork Care Do not wash
Packaging Details Box packing, Bubble wrap