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Her Journey and Where She Comes From.

Artist’s Story. The epiphany that led to G. R. Santosh’s philosophical self-introspection to study Shaivism resulted in a bold language of abstraction inspired by tantra that coincided with a resurgent interest in India by the West. At the hub of the neo-tantra movement.

  • Untitled 4 By Pallav Chander

    My art mainly focuses on bringing out my autobiographical experiences into the form of an abstract visual connection between myself and the audience. Art has been more of therapy for me. As I have a background in theatre, my works also manage to imbue

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  • Glimpses Of Red By Shalini Mohan

    Art is a medium to share one’s thoughts — its different roots can also open up new ideas, while borrowing from received inputs. For me, art is meditation for the mind and healing for the soul. My creations take up a critical view of the social and

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  • Hutment II By Shivam Khandelwal

    My vivid imagination sees animated faces in broken-down village houses and hutments. There is a similarity in my art with the rural settings from which I arrived at Khairagarh. Today, that landscape seems different, and not just in the change of

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  • AKAANT 0.1 By Rutva Joshi

    I have always been fascinated by maps and cartography. A map tells where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going—in sense its three tenses in one.” – Peter Greenaway My art practice finds inspiration in cartography and focuses on

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