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Her Journey and Where She Comes From.

Artist’s Story. The epiphany that led to G. R. Santosh’s philosophical self-introspection to study Shaivism resulted in a bold language of abstraction inspired by tantra that coincided with a resurgent interest in India by the West. At the hub of the neo-tantra movement.

  • The Childhood 21 By Shiv Kumar Soni

    Childhood is like a treasure for me. I like to drench my paintings with all that I saw and observed in my growing years — depicting those emotions, flights of fantasy and cherished moments creatively, such as playing in rainy weather, imagining

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  • Isolated By Rashmita Kanojia

    Ideas for my artworks are constantly driven by the force of my surroundings, and what I experience in daily life. People, culture and the environment are some factors that have an impact on me, building the foundation of my thoughts. Some of my art

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  • Farmer By Vasavi Medisetty

    I have grown up with many members of the community, and my observations have transcended into the world of art. The traditional dress which veils their beauty, with often gorgeous heavy saris, jewellery, makeup and sundry finery under a thick black

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  • Belonging I By Veena Singh

    My journey towards the realm of expression began with canvas and color. Abstracts fascinated me and I always tried to discern meaning from formlessness. Meanderings born from this yearning took me through varied routes and I my longing was expressed

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